Dr. Shalom Camenietzki, Therapist, Psychotherapist, Author


Dr. Camenietzki
I am a Registered Psychologist and Psychotherapist with 40 years of clinical experience. I work with adolescents, adults, seniors, couples and groups. I offer individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and couples counseling. I also provide supervision, training programs and workshops in individual and group psychotherapy, as well as workshops on leadership and effective communication to corporations and industry.
My office is conveniently located in the Yonge/St. Clair area, less than one minute walk from the St. Clair station on the Yonge subway line. There are several affordable parking lots in the area.
Please call or e-mail, and I will be glad to provide you a non-binding, phone consultation at no cost to you. I do provide psychological services in English, Portuguese, my mother tongue, and Hebrew.
My hours are Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. 


My Services



As a psychotherapist, I will help you become better aware of your feelings, your emotional needs and your creative potentials. Working as a team, we will enhance your insights into yourself, so as to raise your self-esteem and help you find satisfactory solutions to the issues, whether conscious or unconscious, that brought you into treatment. Usually, we meet once a week to discuss your feelings and whatever obstacles lie in the way of your feeling content and happy with your life.

Group Psychotherapy

The goals of group psychotherapy are quite similar to those of individual psychotherapy. In the group setting, however, you will benefit greatly from the honest feedback of your peers in the group. At times, such feedback “rings true,” are felt to be more genuine, more constructive and more appealing than the doctor’s pronouncements. The rates for group treatment are less than half than the fees for individual therapy.

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT)

In CBT, we will pay very close attention to your thinking processes, your core beliefs, and whatever negative or automatic thoughts that are disrupting your life and creating symptoms, like depression or anxiety. As a rule, CBT is a relatively short treatment, usually 12 to 16 sessions, provided that the client’s problems are of short duration, say, less than a year old. If, for example, you were abused physically, verbally or emotionally while growing up, CBT is likely to last longer than the standard 12 to 16 sessions.

Couples Counselling

I offer counseling not only to married couples, but also to people living together, such as gay and lesbian couples, as well as to people that are currently dating and looking for answers to whether they are likely to thrive together.

Literary Works

I am a published author: ten of my stories have appeared in Canadian literary magazines, three of them in the prestigious Dalhousie Review. A collection of stories of mine saw the light of day in 2006. A novel of mine was published in 2009. I bring into my work with clients an in-depth examination of the meanings behind their choice of words, the phrases and idioms they share with me, and, no less important, the terms and concepts my clients were hesitant to articulate at the beginning of their therapy.