Dr. Camenietzki


In 1965, I graduated from Tel Aviv University, in Israel, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Psychology and Philosophy.
I spent close to five years at the University of Kansas, USA, where I obtained first a Master’s degree, then a Ph.D., in Clinical Psychology. 

As part of my development and training, I worked for ten years in teaching hospitals in the US, Israel and Toronto. For seven years I was a staff psychologist at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. In the seventies and early eighties, that hospital was the Toronto Mecca for teaching, training, supervising and research on individual psychotherapy. I gained much clinical experience in treating what was then dubbed “the difficult patient,” a term denoting personality disorders, mostly of the borderline variety.

From early on, I was deeply involved in the training and supervising of group psychotherapists, a work that led me to be appointed, in 1987, Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. In 1988, I was once again appointed Fellow, this time of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association, not only for supervising trainees, but also for the workshops I presented over the years on issues of leadership and leading groups of clients with psychological problems.

Already at the Mount Sinai Hospital, I became involved in what was called in those days Behavior Therapy, a precursor of today’s Cognitive-Behavior Therapy. In 1991, the prestigious, peer-reviewed Canadian Journal of Psychiatry featured an article of mine on my practice of using behavioral methods and techniques with clients suffering from anxiety and depression. Admittedly, that article is a bit outmoded by today’s standards, but it does reveal my approach to treating clients that need urgent interventions on account of their painful issues.

Please let me know if you are interested in having a look at that article. Please e-mail me your mailing address, and I will be glad to send your way an off-print of that article.

I will gladly e-mail you my curriculum vitae, where my experiences, training and publications are spelled out.