Dr. Camenietzki


In psychotherapy I will help you with:
bulletpersistent bad moods, discouragement and depression
bulletinsecurity, low self-esteem, shyness and excessive guilt or shame
bulletfeelings “stuck” in relationships with either your partner or friends, co-workers or superiors
bulletanxious or depressed feelings about past relationships, such as with parents, siblings, partners or friends 
bulletan overall feeling of going nowhere in your current life, your career and creative endeavors, such as writing or the visual arts 
bulletfeeling lonely inside much of the time, despite your having a family, friends   and  acquaintances all around
bulletrecurring experiences of anxiety or panicky feelings you find hard to explain
bulletfeeling bitter about your current life and future prospects
bulletdifficulties in romantic situations, whether with life partners or first dates 
bulletissues of closeness, intimacy, and sharing feelings with significant others
bulletcoping with grief and bereavement
bulletpsychological disorders such as eating disorders, addictions, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sexual dysfunctions, post-traumatic stress disorder

My approach to psychotherapy

In my practice, psychotherapy is viewed as a dialogue between a client and a well-trained psychologist, who helps his charges gain insights into the conscious and unconscious roots of their psychic pain. We usually meet once a week and work on establishing a close and trusting relationship. Personal and emotional issues are discussed in a setting where it is safe to examine whatever is, or was, troubling my clients. Clients and I keep in mind that we need, sooner or later, to come up with solutions to the issues that brought them into therapy. We explore hitherto untapped talents and energies, so that my clients will lead a creative and gratifying life, putting to use whatever potentials that, so far, have not been fully actualized and enjoyed.

My specialties

I do very well with clients who are initially shy and unassertive, or people who harbor shame, guilt, or inhibitions about exploring their feelings and emotional issues. I am well known for my patience, on one hand, and for my active involvement in therapy sessions, on the other hand. allow very little, or not at all, periods of silence, for example; I help my clients verbalize feelings and thoughts they did find hard or too painful to explore in the beginning of therapy. I actively assist my clients to deal with anger toward persons they are, or were, intimate with. I extend much support, insight and validation to people who suffered from various forms of sexual, verbal, or physical abuse.
My clients come from all walks of life. They may be professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, teachers, therapists, or physicians. Often, my clients are secretaries, programmers, engineers, or people in retirement. Over the decades, I acquired experience and expertise in treating businessmen and businesswomen. I am very familiar with the issues of working for corporations, governments, or industry. Over the decades, I have worked with entrepreneurs and with CEO’s or, on the other hand, with clients just starting their careers. With my help, my clients in psychotherapy learn to connect with feelings they have hitherto not been aware of. I do get actively involved in my clients’ search for workable and doable solutions for their overt and covert conflicts. I offer ongoing and unceasing feedback on clients’ suffering and the sources or causes of their psychic pain.