Dr. Camenietzki

Couples Counselling

With couples counseling I can help you with:
bulletfaulty communication patterns that lead to one or both partners feeling misunderstood, unempathized, or unsupported
bulletproblems in dealing with finances that lead to quarrels and verbal fights that embitter both partners, instead of arriving at compromises that make both parties feel content and trusting
bulletissues around sex, such as resolving conflicts over frequency of love-making, failures in pleasuring one another, or lack of libido in one or both partners
bulletfinding reasonable solutions over chores at home, and who is supposed to do what and when
bulletgetting into verbal fights about issues or conflicts that, in retrospect, are said to be minor problems
bulletdealing with conflicts over power and control, such as who will have the last word, and who will perch in the driver’s seat. Couples counseling will help you find rational solutions for sharing power and control within the relationship
bulletconflicts and difficulties over closeness, intimacy and trust between partners
bulletissues arising out of a partner having an affair
bulletworking on partners establishing a “united front” on how to handle their children.  Instead of the parents quarreling and confusing children because of lack of a clear policy, we will work on strategies that reflect both partners values and beliefs 
bullettherapeutic explorations over whether to have a trial separation to cool off   acrimonious conflicts, or whether to end the relationship amicably and rationally

How Couples Counseling Work

First, the couple and I establish a safe environment where both partners’ feelings and thoughts are aired openly and honestly, without interrupting or assaulting one another. We meet usually once a week and examine not only the contemporary, ongoing relationship, but also patterns of relating and communicating that the partners learned in their family of origin. Getting hold of these unconscious patterns will help both clients to understand deeply their own needs and wants, as well as grasping the wants and needs of their partner.  The emphasis on clear, empathetic and supportive exchanges and communications allows the couple to arrive at workable and doable compromises. The goal of counseling is not only to correct faulty ways of communicating, but also to help clients to live amicably and lovingly, with each person feeling that he or she is growing and developing with the partner’s help and support.
Couples counseling will lead to both partners feeling understood and empathized, so that they can draw kind-hearted support and constructive criticism from his or her significant other. Instead of verbal fights and bitter acrimony, both partners learn how to lean on one another in a rational and non-demanding manner, as a channel toward actualizing their personal dreams and aspirations.