Dr. Camenietzki

Supervision & Training

I supervise therapists individually or in groups composed of mental-health professionals eager to improve their skills and gain insights into themselves, as they deal with their patients or clients.
I help therapists enhance their warmth and empathy for their clients by examining closely the therapist’s interventions in the course of therapy, as well as the language the therapist chooses to articulate his or her interpretations, the feedback he or she offers their clients. I do heighten therapists’ understanding of concepts and theories that are relevant to the conscious or unconscious processes their clients are going through.
I do provide demonstrations, half-day and whole-day workshops designed to meet the needs of agencies, clinics, hospitals or industry. 
My competence in staging and leading workshops was acknowledged already in 1992, at the International Congress of Group Psychotherapists in Montreal. On that occasion, I presented and lead a workshop to fellow psychotherapists on how to prepare and conduct experiental workshops.