Dr. Camenietzki


Individual Psychotherapy

My fee for individual psychotherapy or cognitive behavior therapy is $175.00 per session. This fee is the going rate for clinical psychologists with my experience and level of expertise.

Couples Counselling

My fee for couples counseling is also $175.00 per session. Once again, it is the going rate for psychologists with my experience and expertise in this form of counseling. 

Sliding Scale And Ability To Pay

I do apply a sliding scale based on a client’s ability to pay.  I do, however, need to be informed about a client’s financial situation before I agree to apply a cut rate.

Group Psychotherapy

I do charge $75.00 per group psychotherapy sessions of one and a half hours duration. This fee reflects my acknowledged expertise in this form of therapy, namely, my being appointed a Fellow of both the American and Canadian Group Psychotherapy Associations in 1988.
I do not apply a sliding scale for group psychotherapy sessions on account of my having to be egalitarian and impartial with all members of a group, whether they are magnates or office workers.

Insurance Coverage

Many clients have coverage for services performed by a Registered Psychologist, such as myself. Please consult the Human Resources person at your workplace, or read your insurance policy.

Income Tax Deductions

Psychological treatments and services are recognized by Canada Revenue Agency as health-related expenses, which can be used as deductions when you submit your income tax return. Together with your expenses for dental work, medications, physiotherapy, or massage therapy, you may end up with a substantial deduction on your tax bill.
Please contact your accountant, or whoever is helping you file your income tax return.